My Work


Guardian (2020), A One-Act

Set in Kenya in 1950, a young Kenyan girl named Anyango, who peddles fruit, meets a strange customer who talks of the future. Staged at the virtual Re-Discoveries Festival by Saudade Theatre.


PlayCo Joins the Digital Stage

An essay on the significance of my theatre company and others’ pivot to digital theatre.

Revisiting August Wilson’s “The Ground on Which I Stand”

An essay in which I reckon with my role as a young, black newcomer to the theatre industry.

On Grief, Remembrance, and Theatre

An essay reflecting on my virtual theatre debut with the reading of my play “Guardian”.

Interview with Erika Dickerson-Despenza: ‘Write the Thing that Changes the World’

I interviewed poet-playwright and cultural-memory worker Erika Dickerson-Despenza.

Me & The Mother City

My blog about lessons and adventures during my semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.